WordBowl is a social language/story project:  Folks like you send in words — any word, any language, WordBowl is an equal opportunity word lottery — I write them on slips of paper, toss them into a bowl (yes, an actual bowl), draw a word at random each week. My challenge: write a short piece — fiction, essay, memory piece, diatribe —inspired by but not using the word.

I handwrite each piece (evenings, sitting at a bar) before transcribing into digital (mornings, sitting at a coffee shop). It takes a village to fuel a blog… My thanks to all the baristas, proprietors, servers and bartenders for their support.

Have a word you’d like to share? Use the form below:

You also can submit a word to wordbowl@gmail.com. I believe in crediting sources (a throwback to my journalism school days), so be sure to include your blog/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/website/etc. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply let me know.

There are a wealth of stories in every word. I am writing one of them. I look forward to creating a piece inspired by yours!


My first-and-only selfie

(Ms) Charlie Schroder was Bay Area born, Mississippi bred, Midwest educated and calls NYC home. Having spent most of her career in storytelling industries—book and magazine publishing, film, television, branding, gaming, theater—she is now telling a few of her own both here at WordBowl and on various other digital and paper platforms.

All WordBowl stories are handwritten in Moleskin “volant” notebooks. I am on a perpetual quest for the perfect pen. All photos snapped by me unless otherwise credited. All text © Charlie Schroder.

Have an idea for WordBowl? Contact WordBowl[at]gmail[dot]com or message @MsCharlieS (Twitter, Instagram)



24 thoughts on “About

  1. So thrilled to see my word Charlie. I’m.on vacation but want to respond to your insightful
    and creative play with “paradox”Will. do when I get back 🙂


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